30 Best Smelling Soaps for Men (2022)

Published Feb. 24

When it comes to lathering up in the shower, men need soap to wash off the stink and replace it with a nice scent. Some soaps offer heavy fragrance, while others include a more subdued aroma. While most of us don’t want to smell like a flower patch, we do want to have a manly scent that accentuates the body. No matter what our preference, stepping out of the shower smelling clean helps our own mindset as well as those around us.

Whether we are showering after a workout, waking up before an early morning at work, or have plans to couch surf all day, a scent can significantly affect how we feel about ourselves. Who wouldn’t want an extra boost of confidence or a relaxing aroma to help make it through the day?

There are plenty of soaps out there on the market for men. Some come in liquid body wash form, while others are the original bar type option. Both can help us get clean as well as add a refreshing scent that should last all day. Check out these best smelling soaps for men and how they differ from others on the market.

1. Body Wash by Blu Atlas

Made with green tea and sugar cane, Blu Atlas Body Wash focuses on natural scents to help soothe and calm our skin. Green tea extract boosts the soothing benefits of this soap with natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

The included sugarcane gives this body wash a sweeter scent that is strong enough to notice but won’t overpower us (or those around us). Blu Atlas Body Wash also includes aloe vera, which helps calm down the skin and moisturizes those areas that tend to get dry quickly.

Blu Atlas only makes all-natural products which gives us peace of mind. There are no added parabens, sulfates, or phthalates to worry about. This body wash uses the power of natural ingredients that are proven to help skin while also leaving a natural and fresh scent.

2. Newport Bar Soap by Caswell-Massey

Another luxurious soap for us or the men in our lives is produced by Caswell-Massey. We particularly liked the Newport scented bar that features beach, salt, and sandy scents. While most bar soaps provide wood-based scents, we appreciated the different options with the Newport version to mix it up a bit.

The unique rounded shape of Caswell-Massey bar soap has a great in-hand feel that mixes well with its natural ingredients. Try out this soap option from a company with centuries of experience since 1752!

3. Bay Rum Soap by Dr. Squatch

Cue up the red flannel and hiking boots with Dr. Squatch’s Bay Rum Soap. This unique blend of citrus, spices, and pine makes us feel like we just took a hike through the forest. We like that this soap is handcrafted and in a hard bar form that won’t break down as quickly as other bars on the market.

A rich mix of argan, avocado, hemp seed, and sweet almond oils gives this soap a smooth finish. While the scent is strong on this one, the overall color of the bar is bare due to Dr. Squatch’s commitment to natural colorants and vegan-friendly ingredients.

4. Pre de Provence No. 63 by Men’s Cube Soap

With a fancier look than other soaps, Pre de Provence is handmade in Provence, France, giving it an elevated feel. The soap bar is treated four times during the production process, marking our skin feel ultra-smooth after a shower. We noted the spicy scent of the bar as well as the little touches of flair with its rounded edges and extra little details.

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Men’s Cube Soap added shea butter to this version, leaving our skin feeling luxurious and velvety smooth. We don’t need to worry about wasting this soap either, as it is produced in a way that keeps it from melting in the shower when not in use.

5. Bourbon Vanilla Organic Bar Soap by Mistral

On days when we want a long-lasting scent, we reach for the Bourbon Vanilla bar from Mistral. This musky honey vanilla combination lasts a long time on the skin without being too overpowering. It is triple-milled during the production process and includes grapeseed oil for a unique feel.

Essential oils are added to the soap along with all-natural ingredients. Using this soap in the shower calmed us down and provided a pleasant scent that lasted all day long.

6. Cedarwood and Oakmoss Bar Soap by Baxter of California

Exfoliation is the key to this unique bar soap from Baxter of California. We liked the Cedarwood and Oakmoss scent that provides an iconic woodsy smell along with leather and sweet highlights.

Baxter of California is known for its blend of scents that are hard to find in other soap brands, making their offerings a bit more off the beaten path. The crushed olive seed and pumice blended into the bar helps scrub away old skin and leaves us with a smooth skin feel.

7. Campfire Bar Soap by Duke Cannon Supply

The bar soap industry has taken off to include quirky, odd, and unique selections. One of these brands that grew in popularity in recent years is Duke Cannon Supply. They offer a “big ass brick of soap” option that are three times larger than the average bar. The company brands unique scents that last a long time, including Leaf & Leather and Fresh Cut Pine.

We liked Campfire the most for its smoky scent and unique smell that is hard to find in other brands. Just a quick shower with this scent can leave us feeling like we’ve stoked our own fire all day long.

8. Philosykos Bar Soap by Diptyque

As another french made bar soap, Diptyque takes cues from the brand’s premium scented candles and carries them over to soap production. The Philosykos scent includes a natural fig scent mixed with almond oil. For the ultimate in overall feel and elegance, Philosykos by Diptyque leaves us thinking we’re on vacation in France.

9. Shiso Bar Soap by Harry’s

Known for their shaving sets, Harry’s is a men’s grooming company that has branched out into offering simple bar soap sets as well. The Shiso scent is an earthy and herbal mix that is unique in its light and fresh smell. This bar soap is also great for those of us with sensitive skin who need a bit less fragrance to ward off irritation.

Consider trying out the Shiso bar soap in a sampler pack from Harry’s. The other one-word scent options that touch on the company’s non-fussy style include Stone, Fig, and Redwood.

10. Wood Sage & Sea Salt Body Wash by Jo Malone

This high-end body wash is a great option to use on special occasions or before date night. Jo Malone is an expert at colognes and has gotten the scent of this body wash just right. The wood sage and sea salt combination is a unique blend of fragrances that stand out. Perfect for those crucial moments in life that require a strong baseline of scent.

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11. Pine Tar Bar Soap by Dr. Squatch

We can’t get much woodsy-er than this! Dr. Squatch’s Pine Tar scent makes us feel like we’re encapsulated in a dense forest full of century-old trees. The bar is darker in color and includes heavy exfoliants throughout to help scrape away dead skin and dirt. Pine Tar is great for those extra-stinky days when we need to scrub down pronto.

While it is gritty, pine tar bar soap includes oatmeal and shea butter finishes to help soothe our skin after a good old scrub down.

12. Shea Butter Bar Soap by Yuzu Soap

The unique citrus scent of Japanese Yuzu steals the show with this Shea Butter Bar Soap. Yuzu is a citrus fruit that has a tart fragrance much like a grapefruit. Yuzu also includes notes of mandarin orange, creating a vibrant and light smell that was sure to wake us up after a long night. Blended with coconut oil, shea butter, and olive oil gives this soap an overall smooth touch that should help skin soften up.

13. Santal 33 Bar Soap by Le Labo

Looks can be deceiving with this toned-down bar of white soap. Le Labo, known for its exclusive cologne, created a bar soap version for those wanting to try out the scent in the shower. Santal 33, the company’s popular cologne, is infused into this bar soap with a trifecta of floral, wood, and spicy notes.

The bar soap is simply stamped with the company’s name and includes added Vitamin E and shea butter as well.

14. Hoppy IPA Beer Soap by Boozy Soap

Let’s get our drink on first thing in the morning with the fun scent of Hoppy IPA Beer Soap. This quirky soap company mixes in fresh IPA beer into the soap to create a scent that matches what we were drinking last night. Don’t worry, though; the soap won’t make us smell like we’re throwing down a cold one before heading to work. The mix of other ingredients, including rosemary and crushed oats, leave just the right amount of scent.

Boozy Soap also offers other fun scents that we had to mention: Vintage Merlot Wine Soap and Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey Soap also include the good stuff in the mix for those other spirit lovers in our life.

15. Macchiato Bar Soap by Charles + Lee

For those of us who aren’t fully awake until we have a cup (or three) of joe, the Macchiato Bar Soap can help our caffeine addiction. Charles + Lee offers a rich and bold bar soap that smells just like our favorite coffee shop. Real arabica beans are mixed into the blend as well as oatmeal to provide double duty in exfoliation. The overall nutty scent is perfect for those early mornings or after a long night out when we need to perk up quickly.

16. Lavender Bar Soap by Crate 61 Organics

With its soothing and tranquil properties, this Lavender Bar Soap was a great addition to our nightly showers when we needed to wind down for bed. Crate 61 Organics is a vegan soap company that cares about the environment. Unrefined avocado oil and extra virgin olive oil make this soap soft and foamy. Add in the relaxing scent of lavender, and we were ready for a good night of sleep.

For those of us who are vegan or just want to support a company that includes biodegradable packaging and extra environmentally friendly efforts, Crate 61 Organics is a great choice. Try out their other essential oil-driven options that include coconut, lemongrass, eucamint, avocado grapefruit, and seaweed and salt.

17. Cool Moisture Beauty Bar by Dove

Don’t count out the big companies when it comes to finding the best smelling soaps for men. Dove is notorious for providing an exceptional feel in its ultra-hydrating soaps. The Cool Moisture scent includes green tea and cucumber notes to create a light and stimulating shower experience.

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The extra moisturizing cream inside the bar leaves skin feeling smooth and soft no matter how hairy we are. Make sure to keep this bar on a well-drained soap tray out of the water spray to keep it lasting longer.

18. Swagger Body Wash by Old Spice

While other big brands may leave the bathroom smelling like a junior high locker room, Old Spice has enough maturity to leave us feeling like we have our life together. Swagger Body Wash is the most loved scent out of Old Spice’s flavor profiles. The mix of cedarwood, lime, and a touch of something else we can’t quite pinpoint leaves a subtle yet strong scent on the skin.

19. Bacon Bar Soap by Archie McPhee

While there are a few of these funny scented soaps on the market, we found that this bacon soap was the real deal. The red and white marbling included in the Bacon Soap is a clever nod to the overall shower experience. While it may feel like we’re rubbing down with a raw piece of meat, the waft of bacon smells good no matter what we’re doing.

We tried out Archie McPhee’s Bacon Soap on the weekends at first to make sure we could stand smelling like a pig’s belly all day. Consider this as an excellent gift for the ultimate bacon lover in our life as well.

20. Rise Body Bar by Art of Sport

When we need a robust smelling soap after an intense workout, we reach for Art of Sport’s Rise Body Bar. This loud scent mixes with charcoal to create a great overall feel in the shower. The overall smell includes a mix of cedarwood and vanilla but may be a bit too strong for those of us with sensitive noses. Still, Rise Body Bar is an excellent addition to a gym bag for those extra-stinky days when we need a shower…pronto.

21. Oatmeal & Almond Bar Soap by Yardley London

We love the smell of this gently exfoliating bar soap from Yardley London. The Oatmeal & Almond combination is subtle enough to not blow us out of the shower but also long-lasting on the skin. The bars themselves also have fragrance well distributed throughout, so we smell great from the first through the last wash.

Yardley London also offers other scent options like English Lavender, Lemon Verbena, Cocoa Butter, and Aloe & Avocado.

22. Rosemary and Peppermint Bar Soap by O Naturals

For those of us who want to stick with vegan options, the Rosemary and Peppermint bar soap from O Naturals was an unexpected surprise. The cold-pressed production includes triple-milled soap that is lightly scented. The rosemary and peppermint organic oils throughout the bar provided just enough scent to wake us up and get us going. We also liked that the bar is paraben and sulfate-free for an organic shower experience.

23. Ylang-Ylang Bar Soap by Bali Soap

In a market where many men’s bar soaps can smell similar, we like that this fragrance mixes it up a bit. The Ylang-Ylang scent comes from a tropical tree that is native to the Malay peninsula. The sweet smell of the yellow flowers creates a pleasant aroma for this bar from Bali Soap. It provides a different scent that is refreshing and rinses off clean, which is always a plus.

24. No. 102 Men’s Body Scrub Soap from Marlowe.

This unpretentious exfoliating bar of soap from Marlowe. is a great option for those guys who want to smell great with natural ingredients. The Original Fresh scent of No. 102 features fresh woodsy smells that are designed to get us clean and ready to go in no time.

Green tea extract, as well as passionflower fruit, accompany the wood scents for a well-balanced experience. Made in the USA, Marlowe. No. 102 is phthalate and paraben-free, making it an even better choice.

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25. Tea Tree & Mint Body Wash from Botanic Hearth

Let’s face it; sometimes, we need a little extra help fighting skin itch. Botanic Hearth’s Tea Tree and Mint Body Wash helps soothe skin irritations and fight common skin issues like athlete’s foot and jock itch.

The natural benefits of pure tea tree and mint oil boosts the overall effectiveness of this body wash. We didn’t find any artificial colors in this easy-to-use body wash, and it is paraben-free as well.

26. Patchouli Men’s Soap Bar by 360Feel

The comforting scent of hemp oil creates a down-to-earth aroma in the Patchouli Men’s soap Bar by 360Feel. As an often misunderstood scent, patchouli derives from a shrub that belongs to the mint family. It is a warm and soothing scent that many men (and women) are drawn to.

360Feel uses a cold process method with low temperatures to ensure that the essential oils within the bar are preserved and ready for long-term use. Made in the USA with natural and ethically sourced ingredients makes us want to use this bar of soap for years to come.

27. Sandalwood Body Wash by Dead Sea Collection

Enjoy the natural healing power of the Dead Sea with this Sandalwood Body Wash. This liquid soap includes Dead Sea minerals and sandalwood oil to help moisturize and restore the skin. Minerals from the Dead Sea are used to remove impurities in the skin that can build up. It has a gentle scent that is perfect for daily use and can be used as both a body wash and a shampoo.

28. Original Scent Bar Soap by Irish Spring

We won’t get much more scent out of a bar of soap like we do with Irish Spring. The original scent is one that many of us are familiar with, along with the bright green color of the bar. The smell is fresh but strong, meaning that it makes both our bathroom and skin smell pretty aromatic. The best part of Irish Spring is that it is antibacterial, which is great for those that want to kill bacteria in those tighter places that don’t see a lot of airflow.

29. Pear Cider Bar Soap by Legend’s Creek Farm

Goat’s milk is used in this company’s lineup of bar soaps for a smooth and different kind of finish. We like the Pear Cider scent as it is strong and refreshing in the shower but leaves a light scent on the skin. The Pear Cider includes fall aromas that can help mix up our usual woodsy bar soap selection. Legend’s Creek Farm makes soap from 100% natural ingredients without any fillers, irritants, or harsh chemicals.

30. Peppermint & Eucalyptus Activated Charcoal Soap by Viking Revolution

For the ultimate in manly soap, Viking Revolution offers an activated charcoal soap that helps detoxify the skin. This peppermint and eucalyptus version adds a fresh, clean scent that purifies pores. All-natural, organic, and clean, this soap is large enough to last a while in the shower and is strong enough to clean the dirtiest of vikings out there.

It is crucial to have a great smelling soap when we need it most. Not only do these soaps offer a manly scent, but they have so many other properties that help nourish skin to keep it healthy.

Whether we are headed into work, cleaning up after the gym, or going out on a date, choosing one of these top scented soaps can help us feel more confident and ready to take on whatever the day may bring. Consider choosing a few of these best smelling soaps for men to broaden our choices and use soap with different scent benefits.


Which soap gives best smell? ›

11 Best Fragrance Soaps Available In India
Godrej No. 1 Sandal & Turmeric SoapCheck Price
Liril Lemon & Tea Tree Oil SoapCheck Price
Khadi Natural Strawberry SoapCheck Price
Yardley London English Lavender Luxury SoapCheck Price
6 more rows
Sep 1, 2021

Which soap is good for boys? ›

Top 10 Boys Soap
Vana Vidhi Fresh Milk, Organic Honey and Malabar Banana...Rs.1,299
Biotique Basil & Parsley Soap (Set of 6) (900 g)Rs.540
Biotique Almond Oil Soap (Set of 5) (750 g)Rs.450
SSCPL Herbals Natural Fairness Soap (200 g)Rs.90
3 more rows

Which is the best soap in the world? ›

Our top soap brand picks of 2022
  • Best overall: CeraVe Hydrating Cleansing Bar.
  • Best for dry skin: Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar.
  • Best exfoliating: Glossier Body Hero Exfoliating Bar.
  • Best for acne: SheaMoisture African Black Soap.
  • Best drug store brand: Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar.
Mar 21, 2022

How can I smell good without perfume? ›

Top 10 Ways To Smell Amazing Without Fragrance
  1. Body Wash. Body washes aren't overpowering, but they will give your skin a nice, subtle scent. ...
  2. Deodorant. This one should be a given, yet we can't exclude it. ...
  3. Shampoo And Conditioner. ...
  4. Brush Your Teeth. ...
  5. Powder The Boys. ...
  6. Aftershave. ...
  7. Beard Balm And Oil. ...
  8. Clean Clothes.

Which is best perfume for men? ›

Below, the 27 best colognes for men in 2022.
  • Gucci the Alchemist's Garden, the Last Day of Summer. Gucci the Alchemist's Garden the Last Day of Summer eau de parfum. ...
  • Ralph Lauren, Polo Black. ...
  • Le Labo, Another 13. ...
  • Hugo Boss, Boss. ...
  • Celine, Black Tie. ...
  • Tom Ford, Oud Wood. ...
  • Frédéric Malle, Geranium Pour Monsieur. ...
  • Dior, Sauvage.
Jul 28, 2022

Does soap make you smell good? ›

Not only does soap keep the germs away, but it can also truly boost your scent profile. Both hand and shower soaps can help add a fresh accent to your everyday ensemble. Be sure to use good quality soap, because some soaps can leave you smelling less than ideal.

Which is the No 1 soap in India? ›

Favored by over 380 million consumers, Godrej No. 1 offers you 'Nature's way to beauty with carefully chosen natural ingredients to make your skin naturally beautiful. It is Grade 1 quality soap and the highest-selling soap of its kind in the country.

Which soap is better for face? ›

Best Overall: Osmia Organics Facial Soap

According to Murray, Osmia makes "the most skin-friendly bar soaps." These facial cleansing bars contain a blend of natural ingredients to remove makeup, pollution, and sunscreen residue without drying you out or stripping your skin.

Which is the costly soap in the world? ›

By PTI: The world's most expensive penthouse, valued at over USD 300 million, and the costliest soap have been showcased at a luxury expo in Qatar. The World Luxury Expo is showcasing the "most expensive soap in the world," which is made of pure gold dust, olive oil and virgin honey and is embedded with diamonds.

Which soap is good for hair? ›

Beazard Aritha Shikakai Rich Bath Soap :- For thick, long and beautiful hair lather up shikakai with water and apply generously to your scalp and hair. This bar is rich with organic goodness and has been in use for generations by women of all ages to make their hair soft and strong.

Which soap is not harmful for skin? ›

Look for plant oils

Djordjevic recommends using natural soaps, such as those made from organic vegetable oils. He says: “Any natural soap containing vegetable oils, cocoa butter, olive oil, aloe vera, jojoba, and avocado are perfect for dry skin.”

How can men smell good all day? ›

A Man's Guide to Smelling Good

Bathe or shower daily with a soap-free body wash. Trim body hair by all means, but never shave it. Shave your head if you work in a smelly environment or smoke tobacco. Otherwise, wash your hair daily or apply dry shampoo.

What to drink to make you smell better? ›

Antioxidant-rich green tea is a wonder drink that can help prevent bad breath, body odor and stinky feet. Green tea supports detoxification by aiding production of glutathione, a carrier-antioxidant that eliminates harmful toxins from the body. The fewer the toxins in your body, the better your body will smell.

What products make you smell good? ›

Body care products that will give you flawless skin and make you smell so good all-day
  • Body wash.
  • Body scrubs.
  • Body creams.
  • Body oils.
  • Body mists.
  • Deodorant.
Jul 4, 2021

Is Dr Squatch worth the money? ›

The Verdict

Squatch makes good soap. With healthy natural oils, shea butter, and essential oils, your skin will be thanking you in no time. It smells great and lasts long, which are also almost as rare as the Squatch in the world of soap. You can certainly find cheaper men's soaps and shampoos, even organic ones.

What does Mens soap smell like? ›

Men's scents have notes of mint or "sea" or "fresh air" on top, followed by less prominent notes of leaves and flowers, all underpinned by woodsy bottom notes. According to Gottlieb, the most traditional male fragrances are in a category called fougère, after the French word for "fern." They're, well, kind of grassy.

What is the most popular Dr Squatch scent? ›

Some of our most popular soap scents include: Pine Tar: Rugged, woodsy, and strong, just like a Squatch man should be. Fresh Falls: Refreshing & clean with a hint of citrus. Bay Rum: An Intoxicatingly delightful cocktail of clove, cinnamon, pine, and citrus.

Does soap make you smell good? ›

Not only does soap keep the germs away, but it can also truly boost your scent profile. Both hand and shower soaps can help add a fresh accent to your everyday ensemble. Be sure to use good quality soap, because some soaps can leave you smelling less than ideal.


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