Big Barker Dog Bed Review (2022) - Pros, Cons, Worth It? (2023)

We’ve never posted our feedback backed by a clinical trial before, so you’re in for a treat with this Big Barker dog beds review. However, that’s not the only reason you’ll appreciate landing on this page.

If you have a large or giant breed pup like a Lab or Great Dane, dog bed shopping is more challenging than for one of the little fur babies like a Maltese or Chihuahua. Many pet providers emphasize the cute factor with tiny beds that could double as pillows for bigger dogs. But not Big Barker.

As its tagline goes, Big Barker makes “Real Beds for Big Dogs,” which can improve health in just 28 days. How? You’re about to find out.

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  • Designed for dogs up to 250 pounds
  • Provides a significant improvement in quality of life
  • Triple-layer Ortho-medic™ Foam mattress
  • 10-year “can’t flatten, won’t flatten” warranty
  • Three sizes and three styles
  • Car and crate models available
  • Optional waterproof liners are available
  • CentiPUR-US certified, made in the US
  • No off-gassing
  • Four stylish colors
  • Percentage of profits donated to pet-related causes


  • Relatively expensive

The pros and cons are pretty lopsided with the Big Barker brand. But that’s because it ticks most of the boxes on your wish list for the best dog beds for larger dogs. Big Barker doesn’t leave the little ones out either, with a Barker Junior option for pups under 50 pounds. Plus, buying the product is a feel-good, as the company donates to rescues, K9 units, military service dogs, and veterinarian offices.

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What Dogs This Bed is Best For

It’s right in the name, as Big Barker designs for big dogs. The core dog beds, including headrest, sleek, and sofa models, are exclusively in large, x-large, and giant sizes. This brand also focuses on joint support, ideal for pups with arthritis or suffering from other aches and pains.

Comfortable sleep is just the beginning, as a clinical study by the University of Pennsylvania concluded that Big Barker dog beds have two positive and measurable impacts:

  1. Reduced joint pain and stiffness
  2. Improved gait, joint function, and overall quality of life
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DOG BED Review – Table of Contents

  • Features
  • Dog Test – Scruff’s Opinion
  • Overview of Big Barker Pet Beds
  • Different Types of Big Barker Dog Beds
  • Cleaning and Durability
  • Warranties and Policies
  • FAQ
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A generously sized pet bed isn’t always easy to find, so one of the best features of Big Barker dog beds is the design. Beds are as large as 60” and come in three styles. Double-layer orthopedic foam is relatively standard, but Big Barker uses a trademarked Triple Layer Ortho-Medic foam that always bounces back.

Other features like a wraparound zipper are finishing touches that take these large breed beds over the top.

Big Barker Features:

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  • Machine washable and dryable microsuede cover
  • Triple Layer Ortho-Medic™ foam mattress
  • 150” zipper for easy cover removal
  • Four color options
  • Three styles
  • Open-cell foam for air circulation
  • No off-gassing
  • Three sizes – large to giant
  • Optional waterproof liners and quick fit covers
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Dog Test – Scruff’s Opinion

I didn’t think I’d be on the job for the Big Barker dog bed review. But, like Burger King’s Whopper and Whopper Junior, Big Barker has a Barker Junior that’s just right for me. It has lots of room for me to roll around and a little pillow built into one end. I love hanging my head over the pad as it feels so good on my neck. I don’t know how a big dog feels about these beds as I only weigh 15 pounds, but I know I like them!

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Overview of the Big Barker Dog Bed Collection

The crown jewels of the Big Barker online catalog are the Big Barkers, designed for fur babies 50 to 250 pounds. They come in three styles – mattress, sofa, and headrest, but the color options and sizes remain consistent.

Additionally, the brand doesn’t neglect the little ones with the Barker Junior option. It also offers an Orthopedic Crate Pad and the Backseat Barker. The car model has such a super sleek design and looks so inviting that you’ll give up the wheel to someone else so that you can lay down with your pup.

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Different Types of Big Barker Dog Beds

For the most part, if someone mentions Big Barker products, they’re referring to the Big Barkers. The Big Barker is the original and the focus of the clinical study. It’s designed for pups over 50 pounds, and the company doesn’t even recommend going overboard with one for a small dog – as it’s “too powerful.”

Big Barkers come in three styles, three sizes, and four colors. The Barker Junior also has three sizes and four color options but is only in the headrest edition.

Bed Styles:

  • Sleek
  • Headrest
  • Sofa
  • Junior Headrest
  • Backseat – SUV
  • Crate Pad

Big Barker Sleek

The Big Barker Sleek is a simple mattress-style dog bed. It’s ideal for oversized fur babies who like to roll around. Like the Headrest and Sofa options, the Sleek features the trademarked Triple Layer Ortho-Medic™ foam mattress, proven to improve quality of life.

Available Sizes:

  • Large – 48” x 30” x 7”
  • X-Large – 52” x 36” x 7”
  • Giant – 60” x 48” x 7”


  • Khaki
  • Chocolate
  • Burgundy
  • Charcoal Gray
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Big Barker Headrest

The Headrest style gives your pup just a little something extra. A bolster on one end doesn’t take up too much of the valuable sleeping area. But it is handy for neck or leg support, depending on how your dog uses it.

Available Sizes:

  • Large – 48” x 30” x 7”
  • X-Large – 52” x 36” x 7”
  • Giant – 60” x 48” x 7”


  • Khaki
  • Chocolate
  • Burgundy
  • Charcoal Gray

Big Barker Sofa

While the Headrest edition adds more orthopedic support, the Sofa edition goes the extra mile. With bolsters on three sides, your pup can lean against the back and use the ends for neck and leg support.

If you have a dog with severe arthritis or suffering from other ailments, get the measurements right for easy access to all of the supportive bolsters.

Available Sizes:

  • Large – 48” x 30” x 7”
  • X-Large – 52” x 36” x 7”
  • Giant – 60” x 48” x 7”


(Video) Veterinary review of the orthopedic dog bed Big Barker Bed

  • Khaki
  • Chocolate
  • Burgundy
  • Charcoal Gray

Barker Junior

The Barker Junior gives smaller fur babies an option with a smaller headrest-style Barker with a double-layer orthopedic mattress instead of triple. It has similar orthopedic benefits and the same water-resistant removable cover in four colors.

Available Sizes:

  • Small – 27” x 18” x 4”
  • Medium – 33” x 21” x 4”
  • Large – 39” x 25” x 4”


  • Khaki
  • Chocolate
  • Burgundy
  • Charcoal Gray

Backseat – SUV Edition

Instead of sizing Big Barker’s Backseat SUV Edition to your dog, three sizes correspond to vehicle space. This innovative doggy car bed isn’t just about keeping your vehicle clean; it’s like a shock absorber for your pup. The dual-layered comfort foam eases the pain prompted by those little bumps in the road and features a winged design to help it slide into place.

Available Sizes:

  • Medium – 55” x 25” x 3”
  • Large – 58” x 35” x 3”
  • Extra Large – 61” x 45” x 3”


  • Khaki
  • Charcoal Gray
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Orthopedic Crate Pad

When your pup is having joint problems, the last thing you want to do is have him lay down on the hard and sometimes bumpy floor of a crate, so an orthopedic crate pad is a must. This particular one comes in various sizes for big and little barkers, and the 4” thickness is plenty to take the stress of those aching joints.

Available Sizes:

  • Small – 27” x 18.2” x 4”
  • Medium – 33.2” x 21.2” x 4”
  • Extra Large – 44.8” x 27” x 4”
  • XXL – 50” x 32” x 4”


  • Khaki
  • Charcoal Gray
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Cleaning and Durability

You shouldn’t have too much trouble keeping a Big Barker dog bed looking shiny and new. The removable cover is water-resistant, machine washable, and dryable. However, water-resistant doesn’t translate to waterproof. We recommend buying the optional waterproof liner. These models aren’t cheap, and you want to keep yours around for a long time. So, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Also, if you’re suffering from similar ailments with joint or muscle aches, it can be challenging to remove the cover from such a large dog bed. So, we were impressed to see that Big Barker also makes “quick fit” covers. They pop over the top like a fitted sheet.

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Warranties and Policies

Improving your dog’s health is undoubtedly the number one reason to buy a Big Barker dog bed. But if you’re apprehensive because of the cost, the warranty and return policy might give you some comfort.

You’ll have a one-year trial period. So, if your pup just isn’t loving the new bed, you can return it. There’s also a 10-year “can’t flatten, won’t flatten” warranty, which is one of the most generous in the industry.

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Is a Big Barker Dog Bed Really Beneficial for Large Breeds?

Yes. A clinical study by the University of Pennsylvania concluded that a Big Barker dog bed could “significantly improve quality of life for big dogs” in just 28 days.

How Can Big Barker Dog Beds Improve a Dog’s Health?

Big Barker dog beds feature a Triple Layer Ortho-Medic™ foam. The top layer wraps the joints in cushioning, while the under layers keep the mattress stable and supportive.

Why Are Big Barker Dog Beds So Highly Rated?

Not only is it challenging to find quality pet beds for large breeds, but they tend to have more joint and muscle ailments than smaller pups. Big Barker dog beds address both the size and the support, with Triple Layer Ortho-Medic™ foam and models up to 60” long.

Are There Different Types of Big Barker Dog Beds?

Yes. Big Barker’s big three are the Sleek (mattress-style), Headrest, and Sofa models. There are also options for small barkers, crate sleepers, and dogs who hit the road in the back of your SUV.

How Much Do Big Barker Dog Beds Cost?

Big Barker dog beds are in the three-figure range, but pricing depends on the model and size.

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