Big Barker Review – Will your dog love it or hate it?  (2023)

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If you have a BIG dog, like a Great Dane or Labrador Retriever, then you need a large orthopedic dog bed.

If you have a SMALL dog, like a beagle, cocker spaniel, or bulldog you need a junior-sized orthopedic dog bed.

If you have any size dog, you need an orthopedic dog bed… yes every dog deserves the BEST dog bed on the market. Most dogs sleep 12-18 hours a day… don’t you think your dog deserves the best of the best?

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Why does my dog need a therapeutic dog bed?

Every dog deserves a bed that will support its body and joint health. Why? Because arthritis and other joint conditions are more common in dogs than you may realize. And the conditions cause a lot of pain that your dog may or may not openly show.

We currently have three dogs:

  • Thunder a 2-year-old Border Collie at 40 lbs.
  • Ginger a 7-year-old mix breed at 60 lbs.
  • Bear a 7-year-old yellow Lab at 85 lbs.

Even though Thunder is still a “baby” in my eyes, his joint health is extremely important as an agility dog. He trains hard and giving him every advantage to keep his body strong and healthy is important to me. So supplying him with thebest orthopedic dog bedis part of the strategy.

Bear and Ginger are getting to an age where many dogs start to show signs of slowing down. While I don’t recommend waiting until a dog reaches their “senior” years to start thinking about joint health, if your dog is older, it’s not too late to start focusing on their joints.

I highly recommend a high-quality diet along with joint health supplements and the besttherapeuticdog bed you can afford.

So what is the best dog bed for YOUR dog? Let’s take a look…

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The Best Orthopedic Dog Bed

I received two Big Barker dog beds in exchange for my honest review. But I only share products I believe in and will use for my dogs.

After having the two Big Barker dog beds and my dogs using them for about a month, I can honestly say I believe these are the best dog bedswe’ve ever had for our dogs.

What makes the Big Barker dog bed better than others on the market? I’ll explain below:

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What to look for in a dog bed

Will the dog bed support my dog’s body?

Your purpose for a dog bed may only be to give them a space to lay other than your furniture. But why have a dog bed at all if it isn’t going to support your dog’s body and joints?

Your dog chooses the couch or your bed because it’s more comfortable than the floor. So why not give them their own bed that is more comfortable than anything else!

The Big Barker dog bed has three layers of foam, creating a total of 7” of comfort and support. Support that is guaranteed not to flatten, backed with a 10-year warranty.

The Big Barker dog bed is backed by vets. Plus, a newclinical study datafinds a Big Barker bed can improve your dog’s health in just 28 days!

The study reports that owners saw improvements in their dog’s limping, walking, climbing, running, and jumping.

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Is the bed big enough for my dog?

It may be hard to find a bed large enough for giant breeds like a Great Dane or Mastiff, but not at Big Barker. With a huge variety of dog bed sizes and styles, you can easily make sure it fits your dog’s needs!

  • Giant: 60″ x 48″ x 7”
  • XL: 52″ x 36″ x 7″
  • Large: 48″ x 30″ x 7″

And the Barker Junior line for smaller dogs:

  • Junior Large: 39″ X 25″ X 4″
  • Junior Medium: 33″ X 21″ X 4″
  • Junior Small: 27″ X 18″ X 4″

Within each of the Big Barker beds, you can choose from theheadrest, sleek, or sofa style. We tested the headrest and the sofa style and love both. I think the dogs enjoy having a spot to rest their heads on.

We have the large size, and as you can see in the above photo, both dogs (our 85 lb. yellow lab and our 40 lb. border collie) can comfortably sit on the bed together. But to be able to sprawl out… one dog per bed, LOL.

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Is the dog bed washable?

If you have a dog, I don’t have to explain why a washable bed is important. The oils on a dog’s coat, the grass, poop, or mud they roll in, dogs aren’t the cleanest animals on earth, LOL.

I made the mistake of buying cheap dog beds that have a white fleece material… yeah white is not a good choice. Even after washing, they look dirty.

Washability is also important because we use our dog beds as a place to chew their bones.

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Washable items are key to keeping yourhome from smelling like a dog.

Big Barker also sells waterproof liners which are convenient if you have a puppy or have concerns on accidents on the bed. My only wish was that the waterproof liner was standard on all the beds… because we all know life happens.

Does the dog bed have a warranty?

The Big Barker Bed comes with a 10-Year Warranty. Yes, that’s right, if your dog bed sags or flattens in the next 10 years, they will replace it for free. WOW!

PLUS, Big Barker offers a1-year trial, love it, or your money back guarantee. If your new bed doesn’t improve your dog’s mobility, energy, or quality of life and you decide it isn’t right for your dog within 1 year, they will send a 100% refund and pay FedEx to bring it back!

Where is the dog bed made?

When given a choice, I try to buy products made in the U.S.A. because I know the quality will be superior to anything made in China.

The Big Barker Dog Beds are 100% made in the U.S.A, from their proprietary 3-stage blend of American-made foam, zippers, and water-based latex glue.

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The price – you get what you pay for

You may be wondering if spending $200-$300+ on a dog bed is worth it. Or you may be like me and have a hard time spending that kind of money on anything. I get it, $200 is a lot of money.

But think about it as an investment.

I spent $45 (each) on three “orthopedic memory foam dog beds” last year. They do not support my dog’s bodies at all and they are already dingy looking even after washing.

It’s laughable because now that I know what a true orthopedic bed is, those cheap beds are nothing more than a thin layer of foam that offer zero support.

The Big Barker large-size dog bed would cost me $24 a year over 10 years. If you have a giant breed and need the giant-sized bed, it will cost you $40 a year over 10 years.

My husband reminds me every time we make a big purchase… you get what you pay for. Always! You pay a little and get something cheap only to have to buy it again in a year or two. Spend a little more and it will last a lifetime.

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If you just can’t swing the $200+ price tag, Big Barker does offerpayment plans.

Either way, I highly recommendgetting your dog aBig Barker Dog Bed. You won’t regret it, and by some chance you do, contact them within one year of purchase and get your money back.

Conclusion and what’s next?

Yes, Big Barker sent me these two beds in exchange for my honest review. But as I said earlier, I only share products I believe in and will use for my dogs.

I’m thrilled that we got ourBig Barker Dog Bedsand I think our dogs are too. I would never have dreamed of spending this much on a dog bed until now.

Now that I see the difference in person, it’s a no-brainer, and I’m sorry I didn’t get them therapeutic dog beds before. It’s a slap in the face, duh! moment.

The comfort and support these beds give the dogs are unreal. Combined with the fact theBig Barker Dog Beds are made in the USA, have a 1-year trial period, and comes with a 10-year warranty makes them the BEST Orthopedic Dog Bed available.

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