Diablo 2 Resurrected: The Best Runeword Combinations For The Necromancer (2023)

He might look like a complex spellcaster or summoner class but the Necromancer in Diablo 2 and Resurrected is actually pretty straightforward. Those who don't want an army of emaciated minions fighting for them can opt to poke holes in their enemies with bones or poison them. The fact of the matter is, the Necromancer has always been an easier class to play compared to something as seemingly blunt as the Barbarian.

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That doesn't mean players can slack off in their Necromancer builds in Diablo 2. Diablo and his brothers will still lay waste to anyone foolhardy enough to come at them unprepared. So in order to prepare one's Necromancer for the worst, some fitting Runewords are in order. Thankfully, the Necromancer's not too picky with his equipment.

Updated June 14, 2022, by Sid Natividad: Now that Diablo 2: Resurrected has an ongoing league (at least it does at the time of writing), there's more content to be had. Along with the league, the game's recent updates have added additional Runewords for players to explore. The best part is that some of these Runewords fit well for the Necromancer. As such, Diablo 2 Necromancer Runewords just received more variety. This means better gameplay opportunities for one of Diablo 2's most accessible classes. While these new Necromancer Runewords likely won't shake up the meta too much, they should still provide some alternatives for some rather expensive mandatory items for certain Necromancer builds. So, for those who aren't yet tired of spitting poison, resummoning their enemies, and throwing bones, these Necromancer Runewords will make things more exciting.

Plague - Swords & Katars (Cham + Shael + Um)

Diablo 2 Resurrected: The Best Runeword Combinations For The Necromancer (1)
  • 20% Chance to cast level 12 Lower Resist when struck
  • 25% Chance to cast level 15 Poison Nova on striking
  • Level 13-17 Cleansing Aura When Equipped (varies)
  • +1-2 All Skills
  • +20% Increased Attack Speed
  • +220-320% Enhanced Damage (varies)
  • -23% To Enemy Poison Resistance
  • 0.3% (0-29.7) Deadly Strike (Based on Character Level)
  • +25% Chance of Open Wounds
  • Freezes Target +3

At the moment, the Plague Runeword is only available for the 2.4 League. After that though, it will be exported over to non-league Runeword pools. At first glance, it might look better suited to something like the Assassin but even Necromancers can make it work.

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It's can be a good piece of one-handed weapon for Poison Necros or Venomancers. It's essentially a free Poison Nova buff and the Lower Resist proc is very handy for a lot of mobs. Players just need to make sure to put it on a good weapon base.

Obsession - Staves (Zod + Ist + Lem + Lum + Io + Nef)

Diablo 2 Resurrected: The Best Runeword Combinations For The Necromancer (2)
  • Indestructible
  • 24% Chance to cast level 10 Weaken when struck
  • +4 To All Skills
  • +65% Faster Cast Rate
  • +60% Faster Hit Recovery
  • Knockback
  • +10 To Vitality
  • +10 To Energy
  • Increase Maximum Life 15-25% (varies)
  • Regenerate Mana 15-30% (varies)
  • All Resistances +60-70 (varies)
  • 75% Extra Gold from Monsters
  • 30% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items

The Obsession Runeword might look expensive initially but the only expensive Rune there is Zod. Everything else is manageable, making Obsession quite accessible.

It can work well for either the Sorceress or some Necromancer builds, especially those that still rely on Spirit Runeword shields. Plus, it's a decent weapon for Magic Find builds.

(Video) How to Get a SUPER OP Necro Wand EARLY (White Runeword Best Base & Rune Farming)

Pride - Polearms (Cham + Sur + Io + Lo)

Diablo 2 Resurrected: The Best Runeword Combinations For The Necromancer (3)
  • 25% Chance To Cast Level 17 Fire Wall When Struck
  • Level 16-20 Concentration Aura When Equipped
  • 260-300% Bonus To Attack Rating
  • +1-99% Damage To Demons (Based on Character Level)
  • Adds 50-280 Lightning Damage
  • +20% Deadly Strike
  • Hit Blinds Target
  • Freezes Target +3
  • +10 To Vitality
  • Replenish Life +8
  • 1.875-185.625% Extra Gold From Monsters (Based on Character Level)

The Pride Runeword might be for Polearms but it can be a great tool for Summon Necromancers. It's all thanks to the Concentration Aura. Such a boon will turn the Summon Necro's minions into boss killers.

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Players don't even have to put it on their Necromancers. Any Act 2 Mercenary can have it. It's by far one of the best boosts for any Summon Necromancer.

Beast - Axes, Scepters, & Hammers (Ber + Tir + Um + Mal + Lum)

Diablo 2 Resurrected: The Best Runeword Combinations For The Necromancer (4)
  • Level 9 Fanaticism Aura When Equipped
  • +40% Increased Attack Speed
  • +240-270% Enhanced Damage
  • +20% Chance of Crushing Blow
  • +25% Chance of Open Wounds
  • +3 To Werebear
  • +3 To Lycanthropy
  • Prevent Monster Heal
  • +25-40 To Strength
  • +10 To Energy
  • +2 To Mana After Each Kill
  • Level 13 Summon Grizzly (5 Charges)

So what goes well with a Pride Polearm on an Act 2 Mercenary? A Beast Runeword— preferably on an axe and equipped to the Necromancer's main hand.

The Fanaticism Aura will turn any undead army into a frenzied piranha swarm. Coupled with the Concentration from a Pride Polearm, this could potentially turn the Summon Necro into an all-around build.

Lore - Helm (Ort + Sol)

Diablo 2 Resurrected: The Best Runeword Combinations For The Necromancer (5)
  • +1 to All Skills
  • +10 to Energy
  • +2 to Mana after each kill
  • Lightning Resist +30%
  • Damage reduced by 7
  • +2 to Light Radius

Lore or OrtSol is a relatively easy and affordable Runeword that players in the early game can farm. The +1 to all skills is surely welcome for any Necromancer build. The mana for every kill helps him sustain his attacks, assuming he's a Bonemancer build.

(Video) Diablo 2 Resurrected Necromancer Build - Necromancer Summoner Endgame Build

Ancient's Pledge - Shield (Ral + Ort + Tal)

Diablo 2 Resurrected: The Best Runeword Combinations For The Necromancer (6)
  • +50% Enhanced Defense
  • Cold Resist +43%
  • Fire Resist +48%
  • Poison Resist +48%
  • Lightning Resist +48%

As far as Necromancer Runewords go, Ancient's Pledge is a little too universal. In fact, some players might even trade it in for other Runeword items in the off-hand slot.

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However, it helps immensely once players get to Nightmare or Hell difficulty where every elemental attack can spell doom. Otherwise, a rare shield or a Shrunken Head might be better if the resistances don't need improvement.

Stealth - Body Armor (Tal + Eth)

Diablo 2 Resurrected: The Best Runeword Combinations For The Necromancer (7)
  • Magic Damage Reduced by 3
  • +6 to Dexterity
  • +15 to Maximum Stamina
  • +30% Poison Resist
  • 15% Regenerate Mana
  • 25% Faster run/walk
  • 25% Faster Cast Rate
  • 25% Faster Hit Recovery

Because of its universal benefits for low-level or early-game players, the Stealth Runeword is always a good choice. In fact, some players in Normal difficulty probably already have the Runes ready without any effort on their part. Fast Cast Rate plays a good role here, especially for Bonemancers. Everything else helps a bit.

Spirit - Sword/Shield (Tal + Thul + Ort + Amn)

Diablo 2 Resurrected: The Best Runeword Combinations For The Necromancer (8)

For Sword:

  • +2 To All Skills
  • +25-35% Faster Cast Rate
  • +55% Faster Hit Recovery
  • Adds 1-50 Lightning Damage
  • Adds 3-14 Cold Damage 3 Second Duration (Normal)
  • +75 Poison Damage Over 5 Seconds
  • 7% Life Stolen Per Hit
  • +250 Defense Vs. Missile
  • +22 To Vitality
  • +89-112 To Mana
  • +3-8 Magic Absorb

For Shield:

(Video) Diablo 2 Resurrected Necromancer Build - Bone Spear Necromancer

  • +2 To All Skills
  • +25-35% Faster Cast Rate
  • +55% Faster Hit Recovery
  • +250 Defense Vs. Missile
  • +22 To Vitality
  • +89-112 To Mana
  • Cold Resist +35%
  • Lightning Resist +35%
  • Poison Resist +35%
  • +3-8 Magic Absorb
  • Attacker Takes Damage of 14

For weapons, obviously, wands are off the table here since those can only have two slots max. If players are using wands for their Necromancers, then they might want to get the shield variant of the Runeword instead.

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In any case, both variants are beneficial mostly for their Mana increase, Skill level increase, and impressive Faster Cast Rate. For anyone still having a dilemma, the Shield version is more practical.

White - Wand (Dol + Io)

Diablo 2 Resurrected: The Best Runeword Combinations For The Necromancer (9)
  • Hit Causes Monster To Flee 25%
  • +10 To Vitality
  • +3 To Poison And Bone Skills (Necromancer Only)
  • +3 To Bone Armor (Necromancer Only)
  • +2 To Bone Spear (Necromancer Only)
  • +4 To Skeleton Mastery (Necromancer Only)
  • Magic Damage Reduced By 4
  • 20% Faster Cast Rate
  • +13 To Mana

One good reason why players might want to get the Shield version of the Spirit Runeword is that the White Runeword for Wands is just too impressive.

It's a highly desirable combination for Bonemancers and not too bad for Hybrid Summoners. If anything though, it was tailor-made for Bonemancer builds so make sure to maximize it.

Bone - Body Armor (Sol + Um + Um)

Diablo 2 Resurrected: The Best Runeword Combinations For The Necromancer (10)
  • 15% Chance To Cast level 10 Bone Armor When Struck
  • 15% Chance To Cast level 10 Bone Spear On Striking
  • +2 To Necromancer Skill Levels
  • +100-150 To Mana
  • All Resistances +30
  • Damage Reduced By 7

Once players have graduated past the early stages of enduring the good but sub-optimal Stealth Body Armor, then they'll want to switch over to Bone. As the name implies, Bone is made with Necromancers in mind.

The Bone Armor skill is one of the most reliable survival abilities of the Necromancer so it's handy here. Meanwhile, Bone Spear is also a welcome trigger. Again, it's mostly Bonemancers who will benefit from this armor but it's still viable for Summoners or Poisonmancers.

Radiance - Helm (Nef + Sol + Ith)

Diablo 2 Resurrected: The Best Runeword Combinations For The Necromancer (11)
(Video) All Runewords Guide Diablo 2 Resurrected [D2R] - Complete List / Diablowiki
  • +75% Enhanced Defense
  • +30 Defense Vs. Missile
  • +10 To Energy
  • +10 To Vitality
  • 15% Damage Goes To Mana
  • Magic Damage Reduced By 3
  • +33 To Mana
  • Damage Reduced By 7
  • +5 To Light Radius

Radiance is a welcome embrace for players who deem the Lore Helm too basic for Necromancers or Bonemancer or Poisonmancer builds. Those two builds, in particular, tend to be Mana-hungry.

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Hence, they'll be wanting the 15% Damage Goes To Mana here as that's the most crucial part of the Runeword. The Defense can also save any Necromancer's life in a pinch but not necessary thanks to Bone Armor or Bone Wall.

Heart Of The Oak - Mace/Staff (Ko + Vex + Pul + Thul)

Diablo 2 Resurrected: The Best Runeword Combinations For The Necromancer (12)
  • +3 To All Skills
  • +40% Faster Cast Rate
  • +75% Damage To Demons
  • +100 To Attack Rating Against Demons
  • Adds 3-14 Cold Damage, 3 sec. Duration (Normal)
  • 7% Mana Stolen Per Hit
  • +10 To Dexterity
  • Replenish Life +20
  • Increase Maximum Mana 15%
  • All Resistances +30-40
  • Level 4 Oak Sage (25 Charges)
  • Level 14 Raven (60 Charges)

It would seem more favorable for Druids than Necromancers but really, Heart of the Oak is just stellar for any spellcaster class. One really can't go wrong with the hefty +3 To All Skills.

The damage increase against Demons can be quite a game-changer during Hell or Baal farming runs. All in all, it's also a great weapon or Runeword for a high-level Necromancer of any build.

Enigma - Body Armor (Jah + Ith + Ber)

Diablo 2 Resurrected: The Best Runeword Combinations For The Necromancer (13)
  • +2 To All Skills
  • +45% Faster Run/Walk
  • +1 To Teleport
  • +750-775 Defense
  • + (0.75 Per Character Level) +0-74 To Strength (Based On Character Level)
  • Increase Maximum Life 5%
  • Damage Reduced By 8%
  • +14 Life After Each Kill
  • 15% Damage Taken Goes To Mana
  • + (1 Per Character Level) +1-99% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items (Based On Character Level)

Is it any wonder anymore what the best Body Armor is in Diablo 2 for any class? The Enigma Runeword just trumps everything else. Mostly everything else.

It's all thanks to the Teleportation skill— this will turn any Summoner Necromancer invincible. Bonemancers and Poisonmancers also turn formidable with such a Runeword. The only problem is acquiring the Runes.

(Video) Top Necromancer Wands in Diablo 2

Diablo 2: Resurrected is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, and Microsoft Windows.

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