Practice for The IELTS Speaking Test Online - Free Apps and Tips (2023)

To be prepared for the IELTS Speaking test, you should familiarise yourself with various topics and questions types. However, you may not have the time or somebody to practice with, so here’s some apps and tips you can use to improve quickly.

1. Improspeak: practice with real people

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If you want to prepare for the IELTS speaking test while having fun, you could try Improspeak, a new original social platform where you can talk and share your passions in a community of like-minded people.

All you need is a webcam and a microphone; Improspeak will match you with someone based on your shared interests, then the conversation can start.

If you don’t know what to say or struggle to find topics to talk about, Improspeak gives you fun question cards that you can use to keep the conversation going and practice effectively for IELTS questions.

A great feature of Improspeak is its way to keep moderation: after each talk, you will be able to rate your conversation buddy. This system keeps away from the community pervs and bullies.

If you want to practice your English speaking abilities while having meaningful conversations with interesting people, Improspeak is the perfect solution. Oh and, by the way, it’s free.

2. IELTS Prep App

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With its features, the IELTS prep app offers a comprehensive overview of IELTS tests, free tests to practice and grammar exercises.

You can track your progress while practising with actual test questions that you will find in the exam. You can watch IELTS speaking interviews and have access to valuable tips and preparation quizzes.


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This app specifically prepares you for the speaking IELTS test with 50 full-length IELTS exam speaking questions and answers.

You can listen to each question and record your answer. Once you register your answer, the app immediately estimates your IELTS speaking score in best, average and worst categories. That way, you can track your improvements and know which areas you need to practice more.

IELTSAce also has a vocabulary section with all the words you need to learn for the exam, and it helps you pronounce them correctly with the speech recognition feature!

4. IELTS Complete preparation and exam

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This app helps you prepare in the main categories of the IELTS exam: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

It provides an audio speaking test, techniques and also advises and tips with sample speaking solutions to improve your score!

If you need preparation for the speaking test and the other exam bands, you can have complete training with this app!

5. Complete Skills for IELTS

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This app helps develop language skills and explains how to prepare for each part of the exam. Practice tests make IELTS candidates familiars with the exam and allow them to perform with confidence.

This app prepares you for all the areas of the IELTS test, and it has specific features for all of them:


  • A writing reference to develop the full range of writing skills needed for the IELTS exam.
  • A Language Reference that provides different grammar and vocabulary explanations and examples.
  • Regular revision units at the end of every second unit to measure students progress.
  • A speaking reference develops the full range of speaking skills needed for the IELTS exam.
  • Full sample exam paper to complete your preparation.
  • Fully comprehensive resources for achieving 6.5 or higher in the Speaking and Listening components of the IELTS exam.

With this app, you are guided step-by-step through the different speaking and listening components stages, using lively material covering a wide range of topics likely to occur in the exam.

6. IELTS Speaking Vocabulary

Practice for The IELTS Speaking Test Online - Free Apps and Tips (6)

This app is perfect to practice for the speaking part of the IELTS examination, and it gives you all the vocabulary range of the actual test.

The app is structured with different tools:

-You can save and check the vocabulary in personalised areas.

– Watch and read scripted TED Talks about different topics and get inspired.

– Practice with conversations to listen and repeat so you can be fully prepared for your exam!

7. IELTS Speaking Examiner

Practice for The IELTS Speaking Test Online - Free Apps and Tips (7)

IELTS Speaking Examiner is designed to help you to prepare for the Speaking Part of the IELTS exam.

The exam flow is automated with smart speech detection, so you are asked the next question automatically as soon as you finish answering the previous question.

This way, you will simulate an actual exam with the same flow and pauses. Then, you can analyse the recording of the exam to improve your speech.

You can also create customised exams by adjusting the settings based on your English level or choosing the topics you want to be included in an exam.

This app helps you express yourself in various topics and get inspired for the actual IELTS test!

8. IELTS Speaking

Practice for The IELTS Speaking Test Online - Free Apps and Tips (8)

This app prepares you for the IELTS Speaking test with a variety of features.

You can choose to practice with test samples complete with band scores and a wide range of topics that the examiner will most likely ask you.

There are also lessons and tips about vocabulary, tone of voice, useful expressions to use, and ways to extend your answers in the app.

IELTS Speaking simulates questions and allows you to record your answers. It also highlights the weaknesses of your speech, and it will enable you to practise them.

9. IELTS Speaking Pro

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IELTS Speaking Pro focuses on the speaking band of the exam and provides different features like complete tests, cue cards and interactive lessons.

(Video) IELTS Speaking Practice Test with Answers

On this app, you can practice speaking in three different sections and record yourself. You’ll be able to read and listen to your speech and save your answer, even when you’re offline.

This app also provides essential speaking tricks and tips and over 1000 cue cards and topics to practice for your test and have an excellent score!

10. ICorrect IELTS Speaking

Practice for The IELTS Speaking Test Online - Free Apps and Tips (10)

This app is specifically designed for the speaking band of the IELTS test.

You will be able to practice with a test simulation structured like the actual exam. The app will play videos of the examiner asking questions and record your answer as you start talking.

You can reanswer the questions and review your performance.

The correcting service allows users to know all the existing problems in their speaking test and receive advice and a sample from examiners to orient themselves in their IELTS preparation.

On ICorrect, you can also share your performance in a community of IELTS test takers to help each other get a good score!

11. HiNative

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Hi Native is a Question and Answer platform that works like a forum.

You can ask the community for quick translations, pronunciation and vocabulary checks or even proofread short writings. Someone in the forum will be there to help you out.

HiNative is a valuable app, especially for students who need to proofread their essays or practice for their English exams!

12. Italki

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Italki is an app that helps you become a better English speaker. It allows you to choose between three modalities:

  1. Tandem modality: it’s a language exchange that connects you with native English speakers who want to learn your language, so you teach them yours while they teach you theirs in a reciprocal way.
  1. Choose a teacher: you can pick a qualified teacher for private online lessons on Skype or Hangout. Every teacher has a profile that includes a video-presentation, the languages they’re teaching and their price list, so you can consider which option you prefer and then you can schedule your first lesson.
  1. Choose a tutor: you can use the tutor modality as a middle ground, where you only practice the language you want to learn with someone (unqualified teacher) that’s willing to assist you. Tutors are generally cheaper than teachers.

13. TalkEnglish

Practice for The IELTS Speaking Test Online - Free Apps and Tips (13)

TalkEnglish is an app that enables you to improve your fluency by repetition.

It comes with many scripted dialogues with different topics about day to day life, like food, family and work.

In each lesson, you will read and listen to a scripted conversation, and then you will answer multiple questions about what you just read to see if you missed something.

TalkEnglish helps you practice your speaking skills by playing the part of one of the characters in the dialogues, so you don’t need to find a conversation partner.

You can also record your conversation, listen and compare it to the original character and check if you make mistakes!

(Video) Free IELTS Speaking Practice Online || Speaking Interview Band 9 || Speaking Improvement Tips

14. Cambly

Practice for The IELTS Speaking Test Online - Free Apps and Tips (14)

Cambly offers you professional tutoring with native English speakers.

Every teacher has a profile video presentation, a rating by users, their Languages and topics they’re willing to teach.

You can also follow specific courses by the app, whether you’re on the beginners level or practice for particular tests like TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC.

On Cambly there’s a teacher for every topic you want to improve on!


Practice for The IELTS Speaking Test Online - Free Apps and Tips (15)

SPEAKLAR will automatically pair you up with an English native that uses the app, so you can start chatting anonymously with that person. This app provides tests for many topics, including IELTS vocabulary.

You can talk with a verified English Native speaker, play word games, have real-time conversations both individually and in groups, and you can select specific training for TOEFL and IELTS.

16. English Listening and Speaking App

Practice for The IELTS Speaking Test Online - Free Apps and Tips (16)

This app has a wide range of different lessons to help you become fluent in English.

You can choose between Conversations, Speaking Practice, Listening Practice and Vocabulary, and you will have specific lessons for your needs.

The English listening and speaking app has specific sections for IELTS, TOEFL and academic exams, hundreds of tests to improve vocabulary and pronunciation, and several games on sentence building and word chains.

17. ELSA

Practice for The IELTS Speaking Test Online - Free Apps and Tips (17)

ELSA (English Language Speech Assistant) is an English pronunciation app that uses Artificial Intelligence to help you speak English confidently and clearly.

This app uses speech recognition technology, AI and deep learning to train your pronunciation.

You can practice on different topics or choose a personalised challenge to overcome and get immediate feedback.

ELSA can help you:

– Study English for your IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC exams.

– Learn essential English conversations and phrases before a travel trip.

– Practice English related to your field to advance your career.

(Video) Apps : IELTS speaking practice test 2022 with answers || EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW : IELTS Daily

On this app, you can take a speech test and receive a report on your strengths and weaknesses to know the areas you should focus on.

After you speak, you’ll be able to compare your voice to a native speaker, receive instruction on correcting yourself, and even watch a video that shows you how to produce those challenging sounds.

18. SmallTalk2me

Smalltalk2me is an AI-powered speaking assistant that helps you improve your exposition by analysing your voice and giving you instant feedback.

You can choose different settings:

  • Regular Speaking: you can learn to speak about different topics and level up your vocabulary with Smalltalk’s daily exercises.
  • Speaking assistant on zoom call: analyses your voice during a call and gives honest feedback on your communication skills.
  • Memorable Presentation: it gives you the advice to train your presentation and tips on avoiding repetition, using native phrases, and fixing grammar mistakes.
  • Online IELTS e TOEFL Simulator gives you authentic exam questions and tracks your time, performance, and level.

Practice tips for the IELTS speaking test

The IELTS speaking test includes three parts; each of them lasts about 4 minutes. You should be ready to be confident and spontaneous.

Here’s what you can do:


1. Practice with past IELTS conversation samples

There are a lot of videos and samples of past IELTS exams you can check online.

You could try reading the scripts out loud and get familiar with the vocabulary and topic options that usually include family, holidays, food, education and so on.

Once you’ve done that, you should repeat them, then check your time to stay in a 4 minutes speech. Remember to check your pronunciation as well!

Write down a vast vocabulary from the examples and memorise it. If you see that you’re repeating yourself, look for alternative expressions to use.

Remember that exam preparation is not about learning answers by heart. Your goal is to be able to give complete and confident answers most spontaneously!

2. Speech shadowing


How many times did you watch Games of Thrones? There’s no “too many times” when we talk about our favourite movie or show. You probably could repeat some scenes word by word, so what about doing it in English?

Choose your favourite scenes and play them in English with subtitles, listen to them, and focus on the pronunciation and flow.

Listen to your voice to check the differences with the speakers of your favourite movie and look for pronunciation mistakes to correct. Repeat this exercise as many times as you want with different scenes to gain a more comprehensive vocabulary.

(Video) How to improve your IELTS Speaking at Home

P.S. If your favourite show is from the U.K., it’s even better!

In conclusion


These are the most fun, quick and effective ways for you to practice for the IELTS speaking test. Now it’s your turn! Choose the method that fits you better and remember to exercise as much as possible and have fun!


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