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It is important to maintain your clubs by re-gripping regularly. How often you need to replace your grips depends mostly on how often you play, but regardless of how often you play, you need to make sure you are choosing the right grips for you.

Our handy guide on How to Choose Golf Club Grips should aid you in knowing exactly what you need from golf grips. And whether you are looking for the best oversize golf grips, the best midsize golf grips, the best golf grip for seniors, or even just the best cheap golf grips, we have something perfect for you in our list of the 5 top-rated best golf grips below.

Winn DRITAC AVS MIDSIZE Black/Blue Golf GripChampkey Multi Compound Golf Grips SetMajek Jumbo Oversize Tour Pro Velvet Golf Grips
The Best Golf Club Grips | (2)The Best Golf Club Grips | (3)The Best Golf Club Grips | (4)
Size:MidsizeStandard or midsizeJumbo/oversized
Set:9 or 131313
Weight:49gStandard – 50g, Midsize – 65g76.5g
Features:Slip-resistant in all weather, moderate all-over texture, high level of shock absorptionCotton thread technology, slip-resistant in all weather, tapered designSlip-resistant, tapered design, high level of shock absorption
The Best Golf Club Grips | (5)The Best Golf Club Grips | (6)The Best Golf Club Grips | (7)

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Quick Answer: The Best-Rated Golf Club Grips

  1. Winn DRITAC AVS MIDSIZE Black/Blue Golf Grip
  2. Champkey Multi Compound Golf Grips Set
  3. Majek Jumbo Oversize Tour Pro Velvet Golf Grips
  4. SAPLIZE Golf Grips
  5. Karma Velour Golf Grip Kits

Golf Club Grips Reviews

#1 – Winn DRITAC AVS MIDSIZE Black/Blue Golf Grip

The Best Golf Club Grips | (8)
The Best Golf Club Grips | (9)The Best Golf Club Grips | (10)

Winn DRITAC AVS MIDSIZE Black/Blue Golf Grip At A Glance:

  • Size: Midsize
  • Set: 9 or 13
  • Weight: 49g
  • Features: Slip-resistant in all weather, moderate all-over texture, high level of shock absorption

Our very top pick for the best golf club grips are these Winn golf grips! These are the Winn DRITAC grips. These are some of the best midsize golf grips you can get. Midsize grips like this are just slightly larger than standard golf club grips. These are 1/16” larger in diameter compared to the base standard size of grips.

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They’re great for people with slightly larger hands or anyone that suffers from slight hand pain due to arthritis or other similar issues.

The special polymer grip technology that Winn uses in their golf grips allows them a huge amount of variability and control when it comes to the unique and specific features of each set of golf club grips.

Since these are the DRITAC golf grips from Winn, they are very specifically designed to be slip-resistant under any conditions including when sweat, high humidity, or rain are involved. The moderate all-over texture and slight tapering design add even more slip resistance.

This helps guarantee that your golf clubs stay perfectly placed in your hands as you play without the need for you to exert to much pressure holding them.

The minimal amount of pressure required for you to keep these Winn grips in your hands is a big part of what allows you to focus your energy and have greater control of where your ball goes.

A medium firmness of the grip also helps balance comfort and required force to hold the club. A high level of shock absorption helps with your comfort level and allows you to play at your best for longer periods of time.

Winn golf club grips are pricier than a lot of the other choices out there, but they do have a high-quality and clever design to them that makes them worthwhile.

That is especially true when you consider that they are likely to last a bit longer than most other grips out there.

They are the priciest choice on our list of recommendations, so while they are an excellent choice overall, they won’t be for you if you are looking for some discount golf grips.

#2 – Champkey Multi Compound Golf Grips Set

The Best Golf Club Grips | (11)The Best Golf Club Grips | (12)

Champkey Multi Compound Golf Grips Set At A Glance:

  • Size: Standard or midsize
  • Set: 13
  • Weight: Standard – 50g, Midsize – 65g
  • Features: Cotton thread technology, slip-resistant in all weather, tapered design

Champkey is another wonderful brand that is well-loved and well-trusted when it comes to great golf grips. They are actually a bit more affordable, though, coming closer to the center of the price range you generally find golf club grips within.

This set of Champkey golf grips comes in both the standard size as well as midsize making it easier for you to choose the right option for you. Just like the Winn golf grip set above, these Champkey golf grips have a nice all-over moderate texture to them.

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They’re also slip-resistant under all conditions like the Winn golf grips. They accomplish this with different methods, however. These Champkey golf club grips have what is called cotton thread technology on the top half of the grip.

This is simply where cotton thread is threaded throughout the top half of the grip. It creates a cleverly simple design that prevents slipping effectively regardless of the conditions you are golfing in.

Soft rubber creates a soft feel with a moderate level of feedback. This means they have a little less shock absorption compared to the Winn grips.

This can be great because it does allow you to feel what is happening with your club better for easier improvement. However, it also means that you will feel more impact and that can wear on you over time if you play for a longer period of time.

This is a set of 13 grips for your golf clubs and even includes 15 pieces of golf grip tape for your convenience. On top of getting to choose between the standard and midsize grips, you will also be able to choose your color preference for your grips.

These Champkey grips come in black, green, orange, red, blue, and white! This lets you easily choose your favorite to best match your personal style and preference.

#3 – Majek Jumbo Oversize Tour Pro Velvet Golf Grips

The Best Golf Club Grips | (13)The Best Golf Club Grips | (14)

Majek Jumbo Oversize Tour Pro Velvet Golf Grips At A Glance:

  • Size: Jumbo/oversized
  • Set: 13
  • Weight: 76.5g
  • Features: Slip-resistant, tapered design, high level of shock absorption

Here are some excellent jumbo golf grips from Majek! These are called jumbo or sometimes oversize golf grips because of their slightly larger size. These are 1/8” thicker in diameter than standard size golf grips.

There are some important benefits from this larger size which makes them the ideal choice for certain golfers.

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For one thing, they’re obviously going to be a better choice for players with particularly large hands. It allows you to get a good grip without having to over grip because the club grips are too small for your hands.

The other benefit of these jumbo golf club grips is that they are really helpful for golfers with arthritis or any other joint and/or hand pain issues.

The reason is pretty much the same as why they are better for bigger hands. The larger size requires less gripping strength.

This allows someone with hand pain such as from arthritis to get a good grip without overexerting their hand and arm muscles.

Not only does this provide better control but also helps reduce pain and allows for longer playing times without sacrificing comfort. These grips come in a set of 13 and feature a sleek black coloring.

The all-over precision texture provides a good level of slip resistance that is further aided by the tapered design of the grips.

The thicker design also adds a high level of shock absorption that further lends to keeping pain levels down for those with arthritis.

Because of the specific design features of these grips, they are easily the best golf grips for seniors. They’re also about mid-price giving them a really nice overall value.

#4 – SAPLIZE Golf Grips

The Best Golf Club Grips | (15)The Best Golf Club Grips | (16)

SAPLIZE Golf Grips At A Glance:

  • Size: Standard or midsize
  • Set: 13
  • Weight: Standard – 55g, Midsize – 65g
  • Features: Includes 15 pieces of golf grip tape, golf grip solvent, rubber vise clamp, golf hook blade knife

If you’re looking for the best value golf grips, this is definitely the right choice for you. These golf grips from SAPLIZE are really excellent quality at a very reasonable price.

The top-quality rubber used in these grips even features special aging resistance technology. This helps guarantee that they last you as long as possible with minimal wear and tear.

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Higher shock absorption helps reduce pain and discomfort for you as well while you play. The grips are covered in anti-skid texturing for the highest level of slip resistance approved for all weather conditions.

These are specifically designed to stop moisture from affecting your grip. Colored designs on the grips also help you find the ideal position for your hands faster each time you pick up your club.

This is also a full golf grip kit. It not only comes with 13 club grips but also includes golf grip tape, 4 ounces of golf grip solvent, a special rubber vise clamp, and even a golf hook blade knife.

All of these supplies give you everything you need to efficiently and properly re-grip your golf clubs.

These grips are black and feature an accent color of your choice. You can choose between red, green, blue, and white for the accent color.

Altogether, you are getting a ton of value from this kit without even spending more than you would on any of the choices previous to this one on our list.

#5 – Karma Velour Golf Grip Kits

The Best Golf Club Grips | (17)The Best Golf Club Grips | (18)

Karma Velour Golf Grip Kits At A Glance:

  • Size: Junior, undersize, standard, midsize or jumbo
  • Set: 13
  • Weight: 37-66g dependent on size chosen
  • Features: Anti-slip in all weather, tapered design, includes 13 pieces of golf grip tape, bottle of golf grip solvent and a rubber vice clamp

Finally, we have these nice grips from Karma! These Velour Golf Grips are appropriately named because they feel silky soft in your hand.

The texturing is just subtle enough to guarantee the highest level of comfort without sacrificing that all-important anti-slip technology.

Actually, these grips feature a classic textured design that is very popular throughout the industry because of the efficient simplicity of it. It is comfortable, looks great, and is highly effective.

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These are good for all weather conditions and come in more sizes than any of our other picks on the list! These come in the more common standard and midsize options, but they also come in several other sizes.

You can also get these grips in junior size, undersize (or ladies), and jumbo (or oversize). This provides a commendable level of versatility that caters to the needs of all golfers rather than just the most common needs.

In addition to choosing your ideal size, you can also pick your preferred color. These are available in solid black, black with white dotting, blue, and even pink!

This is also another full golf grip kit rather than just including the grips themselves. It does not include a golf hook blade knife like the SAPLIZE kit above, but it does include a set of golf grip tape, a bottle of golf grip solvent, and a rubber vice clamp.

These inclusions add a lot of value and convenience to the set. The grips themselves have a nice balance between providing feedback and shock absorption.

This is ideal for having the greatest level of comfort possible while still being able to feel what is going on with your ball well enough to more effectively make improvements to your swings.

The really excellent thing about these golf club grips, though, is the price! These are our lowest priced recommendation by a relevant margin.

So, if you need something cheap, these are definitely your best bet and even have amazing versatility to best work for any golfer’s needs!

Golf Club Grips Comparison Table

Golf Club GripsSizeSetWeightFeatures
Winn DRITAC AVS MIDSIZE Black/Blue Golf GripThe Best Golf Club Grips | (19)Midsize9 or 1349gSlip-resistant in all weather, moderate all-over texture, high level of shock absorption
Champkey Multi Compound Golf Grips SetThe Best Golf Club Grips | (20)Standard or midsize13Standard – 50g, Midsize – 65gCotton thread technology, slip-resistant in all weather, tapered design
Majek Jumbo Oversize Tour Pro Velvet Golf GripsThe Best Golf Club Grips | (21)Jumbo/oversized
1376.5gSlip-resistant, tapered design, high level of shock absorption
SAPLIZE Golf GripsThe Best Golf Club Grips | (22)Standard or midsize
13Standard – 55g, Midsize – 65gIncludes 15 pieces of golf grip tape, golf grip solvent, rubber vise clamp, golf hook blade knife
Karma Velour Golf Grip KitsThe Best Golf Club Grips | (23)Junior, undersize, standard, midsize or jumbo1337-66g dependent on size chosenAnti-slip in all weather, tapered design, includes 13 pieces of golf grip tape, bottle of golf grip solvent and a rubber vice clamp

How to Choose Golf Club Grips

It can easily be argued that the grips are one of the most important parts of your golf clubs. They have a huge effect on your game and are the only part of the club that you actually physically connect with.

Getting the best golf club grips is vital to ensuring you the best level of success with your golf game.

The grips on your golf clubs have a huge effect on your golf game. They determine so much about your swing and comfort level.

That is why it is desperately important to make the right decision about what the best golf grip set is for you specifically.

There are multiple factors that will help you make this determination. You can read about each of these factors below to give you the knowledge you need to understand what you should look out for as you consider different grip options for your clubs!


There is little doubt that size is the most important factor for choosing your golf club grips. There are several different sizes that golf club grips generally come in and choosing the wrong size can be devastating to your score.

Interestingly, there is only a slight difference between each size. That slight difference actually has a major impact, though. Here is a little information about each size for you to consider:

Tip: Measure your hand from the spot where your palm meets your wrist up to the tip of your middle finger.

1. Undersize

Sometimes referred to as junior or even ladies, undersize is typically measured at 1/64” smaller than standard grips. It is great for small hands whether it be for women, children, or just men with smaller hands. They are best for hands measuring under 7 inches.

2. Standard

Standard is the base measurement for golf club grips. This is the size that will work well for most players. If your hand measurement is between 7 inches and 8 ¼ inches, this is most likely the right choice for you.

3. Midsize

At 1/16” larger than standard grips, midsize is the second most commonly needed grip size. These are great for anyone with hands measuring at greater than 8 ¼ inches but still under 9 ¼ inches.

4. Oversize

Finally, for considerably larger hands measuring at above 9 ¼ inches, oversize grips – often called jumbo grips – are perfect. They are 1/8” bigger than standard grips and aren’t just great for large hands but also for players with chronic hand pain or generally weaker grip such as those with arthritis.

Number in Set

Having enough grips for your entire set of clubs is obviously important. Fortunately, you shouldn’t have to work hard to find this.

Most of these sets of grips come in a set of 13 grips. This is usually enough for most golf club sets. Sometimes, for smaller sets, you may find grip sets of 9.

If you have more than 13 golf clubs that you want to re-grip, you may have to purchase multiple sets and just have leftover grips.

For unusual numbers of clubs, it will be hard – if not impossible – to find a set with the exact number of grips you need. The good news is that if you have leftover grips from your set(s), you can always save those for future re-gripping!


The texture on a golf club grip is very important. It is one of the most relevant factors when it comes to things that will actually affect the way you play and score.

It directly impacts the way you hold the club and how well the club stays in place in your hand. It changes how it feels and looks as well, so there really is a lot of importance to the texture of the grips.

Ideally, you want a grip that has texture all over it. This is important for consistency and for accounting for different people holding their clubs in slightly different ways.

The texture should be notable enough to help prevent slipping and fight moisture impact in the case of high humidity, rain, or sweat.

However, it should be subtle enough to allow you to remain completely comfortable as well. You don’t want something that will irritate your hands.

The grip should feel soft and comfortable while also having traction with your hand. It is a delicate and important balance.

Slip Resistance

The grips providing slip resistance for your club is vitally important. It is what allows you to have control of your club, your swing, and in turn, your ball.

Strong slip resistance means less force required for you to hold the club properly and maintain control as you swing.

We touched on how texture reduces slipping and helps keep your golf club in place in your hand above.

The texture is undoubtedly one of the most important features that have an impact on slip resistance, but it certainly isn’t the only thing to consider in this area.

There are other important factors that affect slip resistance. Tapering is a perfect example. You will find that most golf club grips are actually made with a tapered design.

This is because if the top of the club is thicker than the part your hands actually land on, it makes it harder for the club to slip out of your hand as the force of your swing pulls your club away from you.

Shock Absorption/Feedback

Your grip’s level of shock absorption and level of feedback go hand in hand. They’re basically opposites, but both are very important. That is why you need a careful balance of these things.

To clarify, shock absorption is when the grip helps absorb the impact of the club to the ball.

This has the benefit of reducing the impact that you feel and helping to keep your hands comfortable and free of pain or discomfort – especially when you are playing for longer periods of time.

Alternatively, feedback comes from the part of the impact that your grip does not absorb. This is the impact that you actually feel in your hands.

This is important to have because it lets you feel the way your club meets your ball and see how that affects your ball’s flight and direction.

So, higher shock absorption is great if you plan to play for long periods of time on a regular basis because it will protect your hands. It is also more important for anyone that already suffers from any kind of hand pain.

Higher feedback (less shock absorption) is best if you want to be able to more intuitively and precisely fine-tune your swings.


While not quite as important as some of the previous factors, the weight of your grips can certainly have an impact and can help you make your final decision.

Grip weight is measured in grams. This can also tie into size because larger grips will weigh more than smaller grips. However, standard grips of different brands or types can still weigh considerably different from each other.

This comes down to the density of the grip more than anything since two grips of the same size can be different weights. The weight of the grip will also affect the overall weight of your clubs which impacts your swing.

A higher weight means more gravity to your swing and it also means a sturdier and denser grip for you. More than anything, this decision comes down to what your personal preference and comfort level is.

Supplies Included

Something that can add value to a set of grips is what supplies, if any, that are included with your purchase.

Some sets of grips come with just the grips themselves and the supplies needed to actually change your grips out must be purchased separately.

Others come with only some of the supplies needed, while some sets are complete sets that include everything you would need to re-grip your clubs. Here are the supplies you may see included with certain sets of golf club grips:

1. Golf grip tape

The most common thing included with grip sets is the tape required to secure the new grips to your club shaft. This is double-sided tape designed for the specific purpose of installing golf club grips.

It comes pre-cut into the perfect width and length for your grips. Some sets include extra pieces in case anything goes wrong during installation and you need a spare piece or two of the tape.

2. Golf grip solvent

Golf grip solvent is vital to the process of re-gripping your clubs as well.

The purpose of this special liquid solution is to deactivate the adhesive properties of the golf grip tape long enough for you to be able to slide the grip over the shaft after you have placed the tape onto it.

3. Rubber vice clamp

This is something you will find less commonly included in a set of golf grips but can certainly be helpful when it is included.

It is actually more helpful for removing your old grips before the re-gripping process can begin. It simply lets you securely and safely hold the shaft of your club in place while cutting and removing your old grips.

4. Golf hook blade knife

Going right along with needing to remove the old grips first, this special hook blade knife is the perfect tool for cutting and removing your old grips without any risk to safety or worry about damaging your club’s shaft.

Occasionally, this tool is included with your new set of grips.


Some may argue that color isn’t all that important and while it isn’t a top deciding factor, we believe it should certainly be a consideration. It is known that color directly affects mood and can have an impact on confidence.

When you have a color that makes you feel good and matches your style best, you will feel better in general and therefore be more likely to play your best game.

Besides, who doesn’t want their clubs to look great? Most grips are available in black at least. However, many grips come in a variety of colors and even color combinations.

Blue, red, and white are all very popular. Sometimes, you can find even more variations, though, such as green or pink.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to change out my golf club grips?

Over time, the grips on your club will start to wear down. They can lose their texture, become cracked, lose softness, and eventually start to just fall apart.

Changing out your grips for new golf grips is the best way to keep your clubs comfortable and effective for allowing you to play your best game each time you get on the course.

How often should I re-grip my golf clubs?

The frequency that you should re-grip your clubs is really dependent on how often you play. Professional players may have their clubs re-gripped multiple times in a season.

However, for the average non-professional player, it is usually recommended to re-grip once a year or so.

Are the best grips for irons different than the best grips in general?

Some people think that they may need special grips for their irons because they’re often the most-used clubs. The best golf grips for irons wouldn’t be any different, however.

If you end up using a specific club much more often than others, you may simply need to re-grip it more often based off of if you can see a relevant difference in overall wear and tear.

Buyer’s Tips

Regripping your golf clubs is a necessary maintenance task that must be completed regularly to ensure you are able to reach your full potential each time you golf.

The grips you choose for your clubs also have a direct impact on your ability to play as well as possible. Hopefully, you are in a better place now to choose the best golf grip set for your needs and preferences.

Remember to focus first on getting the right size grips for you specifically. From there, you can start considering other important factors like texture, weight, and shock absorption versus feedback of your grips.

Also, don’t forget to purchase from somewhere fully reliable and well-trusted.

Customer service is always important, and Amazon is a great example of both providing an excellent customer-oriented experience as well as having a great selection and usually some of the best prices as well.

Regardless of which grips you purchase and where you get them from, make sure to re-grip your clubs regularly for best results in keeping your score as low as possible.

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