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Save Your Relationship: 21 Laws of Successful Relationships Brenda Shoshanna

Save Your Relationship: 21 Laws of Successful Relationships

Brenda Shoshanna

Published January 28th 2011
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 About the Book 

For many people, love is a mystery. Even when they do all they can, obstacles often arise that they cannot control, putting unexpected strains on their relationship. Relationships that started out so perfectly can mysteriously feel as if they are beginning to fall apart.Love is the great mirror, and it makes us stop and reflect. As a building needs a strong foundation, so does a healthy relationship. And yet so many jump into relationships wanting to fly to the peak without having any understanding of how to build a strong foundation that will allow their relationship to stand tall and strong.When the 21 laws of love are understood and practiced, they can help repair any relationship, at any stage. As we follow the concrete wisdom and practical exercises in this book, suffering can be dissolved as we see that our pain isnt truly coming from the relationship, and that all relationships can experience healing.Save Your Relationship offers information, discussion, guidelines and wonderful exercises which help you apply the material in your daily life. As you absorb the information, you will become clear about how to get to the core truth of your situation, how to choose wisely, and how to dissolve negative relationship patterns that seem to repeat endlessly.Save Your Relationship offers psychological, spiritual and practical wisdom. You will discover a time tested program for learning what real steps to take to make your relationships healthy, constructive and life-giving--under all circumstances.Praise for Dr. Brenda Shoshanna’s books“Dr. Shoshanna’s words are wonderful!”--Marianne Williamson“A powerful, potentially life-changing book.”–Body & Soul“There’s some good, solid advice here that just might help the lovelorn break some of their destructive patterns and connect the dots as to why true love is always passing them by.”--St. Petersburg Times“In her book Fearless, Dr. Shoshanna provides a refreshingly simple ‘Zen’ approach to addressing the complicated subject of fear.”--Lucinda BassettShoshanna has some insightful things to say about anger in the family, in the workplace, at God and at destiny. This book can change the way you view yourself and others. It will help you give up grudges, stop blaming others and playing the victim.--Spirituality & Health“Readers searching for broader meaning will revel in Dr. Shoshanna’s ability to weave together the basic tenets of relationship psychology with the self-realization techniques of Zen practice.”--Publishers Weekly“This is relationship, samurai style...Shoshanna studied with the Zen masters Soen Nakagawa Roshi and Eido Shimano Roshi- the rigor of traditional monastic training shines through the spare language and format. Aspects of Zen training that can be controversial or confounding are presented matter-of-factly.... Shoshanna holds out the redemptive possibilities of practice.”--Tricycle Magazine“Dr. Shoshanna’s book has less to do with the mechanics of sitting and more to do with the realities of integrating Zen practice into real life. Shoshanna extends an empty and richly filled hand, offering both the sublime and the practical, which are one and the same in the Zen world. This is a highly recommended volume for beginners and new practitioners.”--Publishers Weekly“Dr. Shoshanna challenges us to let go of fantasies, expectations, fears and anticipation so we can be fully present to life. Her wisdom is genuine and deeply considered. Her book is well worth reading.”--Spiritual Parenting“If you are looking for a way to have happiness and still live in this world, you have come to the right book. Rarely do eloquent prose, gems of quotes, simple wisdom, and practical exercises come in one book: Zen Miracles offers all of these and more. Whatever your spiritual orientation, this is a book you will refer to for years to come.”--Lee Jampolsky, Ph.D.author of Healing Together, Healing the Addictive Mind, and The Art of Trust