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Time to Tell: Faces of Rape Scott Vrooman

Time to Tell: Faces of Rape

Scott Vrooman

Published June 26th 2008
312 pages
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 About the Book 

TIME TO TELL is more than a collection of stories about rape. The victims and survivors who here recount their experiences attempt to give a concrete reality to the after-effects of rape, the lingering nightmares, the long-term change in the way one interacts with the world, and so on. Rape is a crime that has been hidden too long in a willful darkness. TIME TO TELL points up the frequency of rape, and demands that action be taken to create a safer, saner, more humane embracing of human sexuality. Though the book is filled with direct and powerful references to rape, I am not rating it, in part because so many young girls experience rape first hand, and the information I present here will not be new to them. On the other hand, pre-teen and teenage girls need to be made aware of the possible dangers, as well. Read carefully, as the information can trigger flashbacks.