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Dialogues of Plato Justin D. Kaplan

Dialogues of Plato

Justin D. Kaplan

Published 1951
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 About the Book 

Socrates says The unexamined life is not worth living. Yet this book actually shows that an examined dialogue is not worth believing. The general format of the Socratic dialogues is:Socrates: Incorrect fact #1.Friend: Obviously, Socrates.Socrates: Correct fact #2.Friend: Of course, Socrates.Socrates: 1 + 2 = 3. And a half.Friend: You are so wise Socrates.Since the arguments are so blatantly made up, it is hard to give any credence to the conclusions. Which is a shame because he espouses some noble sentiments. Maybe the book would be more successful if it showed Socrates living his principles rather than blathering on about them. As it is, the book is really only useful for a discussion of different types of logical fallacies. Suggested new title: How to Lie with Rhetoric.