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Subarbis Timothy J Harsh


Timothy J Harsh

Published February 5th 2010
ISBN : 9781432748302
152 pages
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 About the Book 

A jab into the psyche of the American Dream.Set in a house in the middle of a suburban street, Subarbis is a raw, unsettling look at marriage, sex and the secrets that live among us in a house that looks exactly like our neighbors. Taking place in a twenty-four hour period, its a strikingly fresh, yet disturbing portrait of The American Dream.Art and Sara, married for twenty years, have created a comfortable suburban life with a modern house and two beautiful teenage children.But as Art confesses one day in private, its a mistake.As their eldest child prepares to leave for college, Art and Sara start to reveal truths driven by their own demons that have gone unspoken for too long. And as the pressure mounts between them, a secret unfolds from Arts recent past that threatens to unravel everything theyve built - unless Saras own secret does it first.Subarbis thrives in its effort to find answers to the questions we all confront as we try to live interesting, meaningful lives among daily routine. Moving with speed and a razor-sharp prose, it represents an emerging new voice in American literature.