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Man on the Run Suzanne Floyd

Man on the Run

Suzanne Floyd

Published February 2nd 2015
Kindle Edition
206 pages
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 About the Book 

MAN ON THE RUNWatching a television show, Becca Dutton is certain she’s seen the man the FBI is looking for in Flanagan’s Gap, Arizona, a small mountain town of less than six hundred people where she and her mother own and operate the general store.Mrs. Dutton is just as certain she’s mistaken- pointing out the man she has seen is much younger than the fugitive the FBI is looking for. Becca can’t let go of the feeling he’s somewhere around, especially with the petty thefts the town has recently been experiencing. Does that mean there is more than one man living in the forest surrounding their town?All of her life, Becca has heard about The Hermit living in the woods. He’d never caused any trouble for the people in town, leaving wood carvings when he took food or clothing he can’t make or grow for himself. Becca is sure the current trouble they’ve been having is due to the fugitive, not The Hermit who has disappeared from the forest.When her store and home are destroyed, it becomes clear someone has targeted her and the town. Who is behind all their troubles? Will they figure it out before it’s too late?