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Heavenly Minded, Earthly Good Timothy E. Olsen

Heavenly Minded, Earthly Good

Timothy E. Olsen

ISBN : 9781597550611
144 pages
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 About the Book 

Heavenly Minded, Earthly Good: Church Development for Church Leaders Heavenly Minded, Earthly Good is an interactive study guide that church leaders can use to discover what types of practical ministry and service programs their church currently needs most. It is based on seven major organizational fundamentals: .Mission - What is our purpose? .Vision - What are our dreams of the future? .Values - Who are we as a congregation? .Target - Who are the people to whom we will minister? .Strategy - What do we plan to do? .Program - How are we going to do it? .Evaluation - What went right, and what could we change? Easy-to-use modules contain Facilitators Materials, Topical Overviews, Devotional Guides, Biblical Models for Ministry, and open-ended Activities. In this book, Tim Olsen provides practical help for church leaders who are frightened and perhaps paralyzed by a changing community which challenges the local church. The situation envisioned in this book is a common one now. Dr. Olsens approach is not theoretical. It has come from the painful and challenging experiences of leading churches in genuine renewal. --Dr. Loyd Melton, John Montgomery Bell Professor of New Testament, Erskine Theological Seminary Tim Olsen provides a Biblically-based, step-by-step road map for church leaders to use in developing, implementing, and assessing a faithful vision for the churchs mission. Suitable for congregations of any size and context, this book will help churches and church leaders first to clarify and then to remain focused on what they are called to do and to be in the name of Jesus Christ. I strongly recommend this practical and insightful resource for all pastors and local churchgoverning bodies. --Dr. Mary-Ruth Marshall, Professor of Christian Education Emerita, Erskine Theological Seminary This book is indispensable for all thinking and faithful church leaders who wish to be proactive toward the changes occurring in their ministry context. Dr. Olsens cogent and honest style combined with his obvious commitment to Scriptural principles will make this book a delight to all Christians. I look forward to using this book over and over again as my ministry setting continually changes. --Rev. Jeffery Jacobs, Hopewell Presbyterian Church In this book, Tim applied his knowledge and experience to his faith. Here he crystallized and organized principles for development of the Body of Christ, the Church. --Rev. Robert B. Johnson, First Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church