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The Weightlifting Attic Illustrated Sjaak Smorenburg

The Weightlifting Attic Illustrated

Sjaak Smorenburg

Published August 1st 2010
Kindle Edition
340 pages
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 About the Book 

This illustrated edition contains 584 photos and illustrations that suits those readers who are interested in visual learning with the least amount of text. The book covers the following topics:2007Classical Weightlifting roomPower SnatchSnatch, narrow gripOne legged SquatClean and JerkThe Deadlift and PullFront SquatClassical Snatch 62.5 kgClassical Clean 85 kgSnatch 60 kgFailed SnatchComparison with International liftersHead and bar TrajectoriesHang SnatchHang CleanClean and JerkThe Snatch2008SnatchThe Snatch: Head, hips, bar trajectoriesThe Clean and JerkThe Clean and Jerk: Head, hips, bar trajectories2009Snatch from the hang (bar trajectory)Snatch from the hang (Head trajectory)Classical Snatch from the HangThe Clean aloneThe Clean from the Hang: Bar TrajectoryThe Clean from the Hang: Head TrajectoryFailure in the SnatchJerk from the RackFront SquatPower SnatchClean Pull 75 kgHang SnatchThe PullClean and Jerk 75 kg2010The SnatchThe Snatch TrajectoriesThe Clean and Jerk Bar TrajectoryThe Clean and Jerk head and hip Trajectories.Shoulder Press and SquattingNarrow hand gripped SnatchAnatomy of leg musclesEfficient Olympic Bar TrajectoryTraining on the head and squatting positioningMohamed F. El-HewieWoodland park, New Jersey, July 2010.Sjaak SmorenburgHouten, The Netherlands, July 2010.